hello. welcome to circa.

Circa's owners, "the Davids", grew up half a world a way from each other, but their lives and interests converged in the vintage and antique store they call Circa Antiques. 

David Z. is a born and raised local and like most American boys in the 70's, spent his youth involved in the Boy Scouts. Among his many adventures and learnings, David was responsible for organizing and storing the Troop’s supplies. One year a vacant house was donated to serve as a storage facility. During the house inspection process, David discovered all sorts of left behind “trash” - stoneware crocks, bottles, tin ware, tools, antiques, etc. Putting his Boy Scout skills to use, David cleaned and sold the items with the help of a local antique dealer. And as David put it, in that moment he was “hooked”. 

Meanwhile, David W. grew up across the pond in Wallasey, England. He’s a self-proclaimed "born collector". David’s childhood treasures included African spears, clocks that didn’t work, WWI gas masks, an Enfield rifle with no barrel, an electric shock machine - it was quite the array of goodies. He bought his first item at auction at 16 years old, and hasn’t really looked back since. As a student he frequented an antique shop in Liverpool, not your normal Antique Shop, but one that was very “hip”. He thought this shop was nothing but magical, full of wild, wonderful, and amazing things. The shop was called Circa - a seed was planted.

Back in the States, David Z. worked numerous jobs, and antiqued on the side  - it was at this time that he met David W. as a co-worker for The Pfaltzgraff Company. Their common interest in antiques caused their paths to cross at numerous auctions, estate sales and antique malls. Soon they were helping each other out buying items for the other to sell, hunting for pottery, and sharing knowledge. 

In 1997, David W. happened upon a vacant store in downtown York, Pa. It was reminiscent of a sketch he had drawn of his version of the "Circa" shop of his childhood. It felt too serendipitous to pass up, so he reached out to David Z. and Circa Antiques of York was born. Their slogan was “Looking at old things in a new light”. Along with furniture, decorative arts and home furnishings, they introduced a collection of antique and vintage garden items in cast and wrought iron, stone and terra cotta including statuary, planters, troughs, benches and amazing garden tools from the past. 

Since that fateful day, Circa Antiques has moved locations, expanded their inventory and skill-sets. But, they've remained true to their intital intentions and still have a passion for "looking at old things in a new light".